1.1. Monitor Network State Scenario

This Scenario performs the monitoring action: knowing, analyzing and debugging an AML network. Each of the AML-IP Nodes Publish their current Status information and update it along their lifetimes. This scenario supports subscription to this Topic in order to receive such status information, that can be processed, stored, read, etc.

1.1.1. Status Data Type

The Status published by the nodes has the following information:

  • Node Id: Uniquely identifies a Node. Check following section.

  • Current State: The current state of the node, that can be stopped, running or dropped.

  • Node Kind: Specifies which kind of node is, and so to which Scenario belongs.

1.1.2. Nodes

This scenario involves every Node, as all of them publish the Status information. However, the only Node Kind properly belonging to this Scenario is Status Node.